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  1. 3. Sign up for Google AdSense: Once again, you should be able to log into AdSense with your Google account, but getting set up with AdSense means you’ll need to submit much more information, like your address, phone number, SSN/TIN, and more. Make no mistake that Google is paying you whatever you make from ads, so they need to send you tax information on your earnings each year, etc. Also, I’m not sure if it’s still the case today, but when I signed up for AdSense, they mailed a card which contained a code to my physical address so as to verify it. I had to call a number, enter the code on the card, etc. The whole process took about a week. Oh, and if the AdSense site doesn’t seem to work when you visit it, then disable your ad blocking software/add-ons.
    When someone asks me for advice on how to get started as a freelance writer, I always tell them to set up a blog. I hire writers for my agency now and even if someone doesn’t have a lot of experience, I will hire them if I can see and like their style of writing from their blog.
    Adding annotations or cards to your videos is made easy with this browser based tool. The thing that most attracts me towards this tool is, the search function. As we can Find and Replace a particular phrase on word processor, so can be done into a video with this tool.
    As you can probably tell, some of these money making ideas require a time investment. Time that not everybody has to waste when it comes to starting to earn. Hands down the #1 comment I get on posts like these is “I like your ideas, but how can I make a lot of money fast?”

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