“polaris marketing group facebook racist -why use facebook marketing api”

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  1. Don’t wait for clicks; go get them: While the keyword research component I covered focuses specifically on YouTube, I would highly recommend that you don’t just post a video and wait for clicks to roll in. More often than not, that will result in a video that flops and earns you nothing. Using our previous example of “baking cookies,” why not try seeing what kind of keyword data you can gather from Google’s keyword tool? Also, try searching Google for “baking cookies” using the same methods I mentioned on previous pages. That’s a great way to find sites where you might be able to post a link to your video, etc.
    Video Ads are great for both brand awareness and retargeting. Of those that watch your video, you can actually retarget them with further ads based on the duration of the video they watched. We’ll get more into that in Chapter 6.
    Each of these types of ads serves a particular purpose, meaning that most brands don’t typically stick to “one” type of ad. Over time, you can figure out which types of promotions are your go-to’s as part of your Facebook advertising strategy and tweak them over time.
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