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  1. 15.  Share fan-created content. Sharing fan-made content is a great way to bolster a true sense of community among your followers. It shows that you care and makes fans feel valued and appreciated – who doesn’t want that?
    The article length varies. Some are over 2000 words other are only 300 words. It’s always changing though. For example, one of his ‘Ask a question’ pages received about 150 visitors last month with only 300 words. As he is ranked in position #5 he will go in and expand the page to a longer word count in an effort to improve the ranking.
    Now that your video is complete, it is time to upload your video to the YouTube servers. You can drag and drop videos from your computer into the uploader, or you can add them individually by clicking on the upload arrow. Depending on the size of your video and your Internet connection, uploading could last anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours. You can upload multiple videos at a time as long as you do not close the upload page in your browser.
    BitCoin is going up like a rocket too. The experts state that you should have at least one full BitCoin for the future as they do predict it to rise. This is one way of getting a whole BitCoin by investing tiny amounts. A whole BitCoin was priced at around $1,200 in eight month before this will change all the time. Maybe in 2020(during the two years), it could be worth $20,000 who knows.

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