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  1. Adsense is by far the largest pay per click company.  In fact, I’ve never tried anything else, so I’m not going to bother mentioning anything else.  Adsense is the largest source of income on my blog.  It typically represents about 75% of the money I make blogging (excluding selling my own products).
    If that’s what you want, great. But if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, this could lead to getting a ton of mobile traffic with very few checkouts. This will mean that you’re wasting some of your valuable funds on Facebook advertising, which is something you’ll need to avoid.
    How can you create your own video ad? First, understand Facebook video ad requirements including length and video size. We suggest keeping your video as short as possible, even though Facebook allows you to upload a much larger video. Create a video that displays your product or service, and upload directly to the Facebook ads manager by following these instructions.

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