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  1. Start creating the videos, and don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to subscribe or like. Also I’d try to connect with other people in your space and try to do some cross-promotion between channels. You can add them in your suggested channels, give them a plug, or even have them co-host with you.
    The numbers don’t lie in regard to Facebook’s marketing firepower. With 93% of marketers already on board, the platform’s diverse and laser-targeted ad platform is paying dividends for those with a mapped-out Facebook advertising strategy.
    While this article can’t tell you exactly what’s causing a given ad’s performance issue, it can explain the possibilities, direct you to tools that can help you narrow them down and recommend actions to take. It covers both poor performance and unexpected performance fluctuation.
    I just ran my first ad – it show different results than your format – most notably it doesn’t show me the likes on my page – I have to hunt around. It also gives me people reached (5095 so far) and page post engagement – whatever that is (565 so far. FB tells me my cost per post engagement of $.04 is better than 99% of similar ads.. Is this bullshiiit?

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