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  1. The API has three levels of access: development, basic and standard. You can get started with the development access level by creating a new app (or use an existing app, if you already have one) and obtaining an access token to start making API calls.
    If you have no idea about writing an email series that will sell your affiliate product, I recommend that you join our digital marketing training to learn more about this. We take our email marketing module seriously!
    Because of my ultimate goal with this blog (earn income so I can do ministry), I’ve focused on SEO posts as a primary strategy.  Ultimately, I want a life outside of blogging, and I hope to use my blog income to help me do other forms of ministry.  Therefore, the passive nature (after hard work) of Google traffic appeals.  Google currently sends about 75% of my traffic.  Also, 90% of my Adsense income comes from Google traffic not my regular readers.

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