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  1. Video Ads: Facebook is also investing heavily in video, looking to steal time and attention away from TV and movies. It’s easy to imagine a future where Facebook is the most watched video channel, larger than cable, YouTube, or Netflix.
    It’s relevant. This ad is likely only being shown to students on campus who are in its target audience. It also mentions the sports game that was going on at the time, and plays to the student’s current needs: snacks and Subway sandwiches.
    If you continue to Course 2, you’ll learn Wealthy Affiliate’s simple yet very effective technique to do keyword research that can really bring in thousands of free visitors on to your site a month organically.
    Shaycarl. The story of how Shay Butler became a YouTube phenomenon (and made a bit of money in the process) is a strange one, complete with humble beginnings and a bit of good luck. From his birth in Utah to a Mormon mission in the West Indies to the day he discovered YouTube, Shay’s is an inspiring (and occasionally sad) story. Shay has parlayed comedy shorts into an online mini empire, in a journey that anyone looking to hit it big on YouTube can certainly admire.
    Research, research, research: In addition to what I’ve already mentioned in this article, there’s much more to delve into where researching your topic of interest, traffic, and competition are concerned. For instance, many videos have public stats beyond just views, such as showing which Web sites are sending traffic to them! Also, look through the comments and see if people are asking questions about things that weren’t covered. That’s a great way to gather up some actionable data for yourself in regards to what you’d like to record.

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