“facebook marketing vs google adwords facebook social media research”

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  1. I think Facebook is not for everyone as people come to facebook for fun. So if you are running B2B business then facebook is not right place. If you are running B2C business then you can’t ignore facebook.
    This guide may seem overwhelming however I’ll tell you straight up: if you’re looking to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to read this guide. It doesn’t matter your experience. I don’t care what internet companies you have worked for, or what your brothers friend who “knows SEO” says – this guide will do more than steer you in the right direction; it’ll stop you from making the beginner mistakes that I see 99% of affiliate marketers make.
    Great that you’ve found a successful route, Rosemond! My guess is that Facebook doesn’t penalize for organic reach, though that’s mostly an assumption on my part. You’ve probably got a good sense there also based on the stats you’ve seen!
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