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  1. What should your write about? Evergreen topics could include health, wealth or relationships.  You can turn your hobby into an instructional course. For example, if you have been a wedding photographer for years, why not turn your job into a passive income with an instructional website, eBook and streaming video course sold on places like Vimeo on demand, Udemy or Clickbank.
    If you can manage to get at least 25,000+ subscribers, and you can make good quality videos, and resources, you would be able to get at least 1%-10% of the people watching the videos, to donate at least one time, or on a monthly basis for at least $1 if you are able to get at least 10,000+ views within a reasonable time, like 1-2 weeks. Micropayments, will be the majority of your donations. This means you will collect at least $250/month off it.
    NOTE : Checkout my Blogging Series Overview [Complete Guide to Blogging] where I have written a series of article on how to start your blog, what tools you need to have and how to make money via blogging. [A Must Read].
    A sponsored post is an article on your blog that you’re paid to write on behalf of a company, product, or service. It could be a full endorsement or simply linking to their website within the article. You’ll need to disclose whenever you’re paid to write content on your blog, from an ethical standpoint. A couple of websites that connect bloggers with brands for sponsored posts include IZEA and Influence Central.

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