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  1. actually, our results for our clients are similar to Lucie’s, running from 1% to as high as 7.8% (even over long campaigns) for CTR and the cost per like is typically around 0.15. Our relevance scores are generally between 7 to 9, and if not we go back and fix it. We have had excellent results with Facebook campaigns and it is always part of our social marketing strategy.
    I love Long Tail Pro! As an SEO copywriter, it has made my job easier because I can find long tail keywords I know that people are searching for. From larger volumes to small, Long Tail Pro is an integral part of my SEO arsenal for getting clients ranked on the first page of Google.
    The Young Turks. This political talk show, which started more than a decade ago and has evolved over the years, is another of the great YouTube success stories. The Young Turks have been extremely successful on YouTube through a very devoted fan base–towering high above many mainstream media outlets in terms of popularity. The Young Turks has become the largest online news show in the world, an impressive feat considering the lack of a traditional or mainstream brand.

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