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  1. That said, succeeding with Facebook advertising isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. From targeting specific users to finding the right ad format, there are tons of variables that can make or break your campaigns.
    Out of those 1000 you have a 20% click-thru rate on your affiliate links. Click-thru rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who are actually clicking on your affiliate link which takes them to the buy page. A 20% CTR on 1000 clicks is 200 clicks per month. Don’t go buying that new ‘vette just yet, because not everyone who clicks the link actually buys the product.
    1. My site is called Does it make sense to change it to given I’m targeting small business long-tail KW searches? Or is it a better strategy to create a mini-site for each product I want to monetise like you suggest in your article?
    Dropshipping is an arrangement whereby you advertise another supplier’s products on your site — but to the consumer, they look like the same as any other stock. In fact, they may never know that you don’t have a big warehouse somewhere, filled with products. Instead, you only pay for inventory when someone actually physically put an order in for it.

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