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  1. Scribe SEO.  I think every blogger who is trying to rank in the search engines should check out Scribe.  It costs $27 per month, and after a few months, you can learn how to instinctively write search engine optimized posts.  I still pay for the membership because I like the extra SEO accountability, and I use it for my staff writers so we can be sure everyone is doing search engine optimized posts.  My wife helps write on our travel website, and she really likes the extra assurance that Scribe gives.
    Most people here want to start up their own channels and you’d think that If they actually wanted to be successful that they would not be so touched by these comments and replies that they are getting from other people… well If you expect to get a big community who keeps coming back, replying with hatemail isn’t the correct way to do so, time to grow up and take these whiney little comments like a man I’d say.
    Blogging is a fantastic way to make an extra 100/mo or an extra 100,000/mo.  It just depends on how much effort you want to put into it.    My favorite “rich” blogger of all time makes over 100,000 a month, with over 50,000 of it being from affiliate sales alone (which we will go over next).  That is a lot of passive income.  
    Adjustable-rate mortgages got a bad rap during the financial crisis, but they can make a lot of sense if you aren’t planning to stay in your home long term. Right now the average 30-year rate is 4.1%, according to Bankrate, compared with just 3.6% for a five-year adjustable-rate loan. On a $300,000 mortgage, that half a percentage point should save you about $86 a month, or $1,032 a year.

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