“facebook marketing like i’m 5 pdf -using facebook likes for marketing”

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  1. Because of my ultimate goal with this blog (earn income so I can do ministry), I’ve focused on SEO posts as a primary strategy.  Ultimately, I want a life outside of blogging, and I hope to use my blog income to help me do other forms of ministry.  Therefore, the passive nature (after hard work) of Google traffic appeals.  Google currently sends about 75% of my traffic.  Also, 90% of my Adsense income comes from Google traffic not my regular readers.
    Amazon dominates different lines of business having little to do with its original undertaking of selling books. Jeff Bezos insists that putting customers first, invent and be patient has been his motto since the beginning.
    It can be quite lucrative, provided you have content that is advertiser friendly and has an audience. People often ask “I’ve just learned how to start a blog, and now how do I find an advertiser?” Well, you don’t. What really happens is that you build your audience to the right size, and then advertisers will actually come to find you! That kind of blows the mind, doesn’t it?

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