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  1. Flixtime. This program lets users mix videos, photos, and music to come up with a polished Web-friendly video. It’s free to sign up, and free to create videos with this program. Then there’s a fee ($3 for a HD video or about $7 for a FullHD video) to download it to your computer.
    Product Reviews – If you are good at reviewing different products, then why not review it for the masses? not only it will help them in making there buying decisions better but you can also earn huge chunks of money in commissions.
    This guide will walk you through the best practices for creating CPC ads that drive traffic to your website. Facebook’s other ad options are great for driving engagement and brand awareness, but ads driving users off site are still the best option for direct response advertisers looking to make a sale.
    Think of Lookalike Audiences as a sort of shortcut. If you’ve already run ads and have targeted previous customers in the past, a Lookalike audience can introduce you to totally new users who are likely to engage with your content.

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