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  1. This affiliate marketing beginners guide wouldn’t be complete without pointing you in the right direction toward knowing how to find the right products for you to promote. The best products for promotion won’t be the same for everyone, but instead depend on your business and audience.
    While I believe a hard worker can still make money blogging, I also believe that each day that passes, the industry gets more competitive.  I know, I know other bloggers are not your competition, but at some point, we do compete with each other.  Those holes that no one is writing about are getting smaller and smaller.
    What should your write about? Evergreen topics could include health, wealth or relationships.  You can turn your hobby into an instructional course. For example, if you have been a wedding photographer for years, why not turn your job into a passive income with an instructional website, eBook and streaming video course sold on places like Vimeo on demand, Udemy or Clickbank.

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