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  1. Needless to say I stopped this madness after a few thousand dollars wasted.  Which ultimately lead me to discover the hidden secret to making money online. Ok, it’s not really a secret, more of a proven formula that worked 10 years ago and will work in 10 years from now. So lets get into it!.
    The eCPMS on YouTube definitely do not equate to $18 per 1000 views going to the creator. Not even close. Try dividing that by 10 and you’ll be nearer to what the average YouTuber can expect to earn from his or her ad revenue.
    Customized Header $15.  I’ve recently started using Odesk to outsource some of my blog work.  I’ve had some good and bad experiences, but I’ve had some great experiences with logos and headers.  On Help Me Travel Cheap, you can see the header I bought for $6.00.  I actually also had someone make one for $15 so I could choose my favorite.  I ended up using the cheaper one.

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