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  1. One final thought before moving ahead, it might be useful to see how our experience compares to Facebook Ads benchmarks overall. WordStream analyzed the Facebook Ads performance of its 256 US-based clients and came up with many helpful performance benchmarks, such as the following.
    5. Enable monetization on your videos: When logged into your YouTube account, click “Settings,” then, look for “Monetization” towards the bottom of the left-hand sidebar. Once you click that, there should be an “Enable My Account” button you can click. If you don’t see it yet, then you don’t quite have enough of a history with YouTube. That’s okay, though, because it doesn’t take long, and getting set up with this is far easier now than it was even earlier this year. Anyway, once you have monetization enabled, all you’ll need to do is link your AdSense account and that’s it!
    What is so astonishing is that 99% of the most successful individuals on YouTube are the average everyday people who happened to have a bit of nerve, good timing, and talent thrown in for good measure.
    Some programs, like Google AdSense, are Pay-Per-Click (PPC), meaning that it will pay you money for each advertisement or link click. Each affiliate program is different, but the advertiser will let you know the amount you can make from each lead, conversion, or sale when you sign up.
    You can join Google’s AdSense for Search program, which places contextually relevant ads on your Custom Search Engine’s search results pages and shares a portion of its advertising revenue with AdSense partners. The cost per click on an ad is determined by advertisers who compete for placement on search results pages.

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