“facebook and small business marketing facebook marketing seminar münchen”

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  1. So there you have it folks! This is a tried and true method for building a successful niche product affiliate site. It won’t make you millions but it’s a good method to get started on your path to success.
    At Udemy, we focus on getting users to sign up on their first visit. By aiming to be profitable on ad spend in six months (not one day), we can turn Facebook users into long-term customers. We target a 20% payback on ad spend on day one and 100% payback in six months. These numbers can serve as a rough guide for your business.
    MLM – Multi Level Marketing was a big one for me. That is until I realized most people are lazy and wouldn’t promote the product to help make us all money. Not a scam, but very frustrating. I worked my tail off to get plenty of sign ups to this product. But NONE of them wanted to do the same to make their share of the money.
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